Vintage Himalayan Dough Bowls

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Vintage Himalayan Wood Dough Bowls


Price range: $12 to $225: please call or e-mail us at:

for photos and quotes.  These bowls are one-of-a-kind antiques.


Our vintage and distressed dough bowls from the Himalayas are made of hardwoods like teakwood  and from mountain firs.   Each is unique in character, with distinctive wood grains and natural wood finishes.    They range in size from around 12 in. in diameter, or less in width in case of rectangular or oblong ones--to as much as 38 inches across.    We offer them by category as indicated by style number (by size, type and shape) and are priced accordingly.    These are illustrated in representative pictures on this page.    We are happy to send pictures of specific ones by e-mail should you wish to select from among them.

 The one featured to the right is a giant size: 38 in. across.  It would make a unique table.   


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